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Here and there [‘‘]are some specific places on our website where you can contact us and can share personal details.


In the registration form you have to enter your contact information (like name, mailing address, email address, etc.), demographic details (such as country, city, etc.), information of internet protocol, and enter data of your profile (such as your field of work, clients, employer, etc.). Afterward, maybe you will get a specific user name and a special password. For the sake of communication with you or providing your desired services, and for your better user experience, we can use your provided information. Our client’s profile and demographic information are significant for the improvement of our services for them. By agreeing to the terms and policies of our services, you are providing consent about the use of your data.

Newsletters and Other Form of Communication

Our customers and all registered users can receive email communication, newsletters, etc. The sign-up for newsletters is separate. For a newsletter subscription, you have to provide your name, email address, sometimes profile, and demographic information also. We can use your information in the same way as we described above in the registration process. Moreover, our users can unsubscribe from the newsletter anytime from the link given at the end of every email. To inform our registered users about our operation of services, we may send announcements and emails that are required for the administration or proper functioning of the site and other services.

Communicate with Us

There are some features available for you, where you can submit feedback or question to us. We may keep your information and emails for some internal purposes. No doubt, it will help us to serve in a better way.

Automatic Collection of Data

Some features of our site will collect the user’s information automatically. This will help us to create site that honor users’ interests, preferences and fulfill their needs. The site may use some cookies also. These cookies are small files of data that contain the user’s information. These cookies are stored on the hard drive of the computer oof that user. Moreover, some cookies are essential to make the site’s login easier for users (such as remembering passwords and usernames). Cookies also help us to enhance the quality of user experience by tracking users’ movement and targeting their interests. Furthermore, for the same purpose, we may assign specific identifiers and collect users’ clickstream data. All the collection of your details in different ways is essential for serving you better. It will help us to bring promotions and advertisements to you, according to your interests. Our site may allow advertising third-party companies to show ads when you come to visit our website. These advertising companies will use your information (not your email address, address, name, or telephone number) about your visit to our website and other websites on the internet to provide advertisements of your interest. Some common and famous web browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc. allow modifications of settings to block all cookies. Moreover, these browsers will alert you every time, and their use will only be allowed at your selected websites.

Delete/Disable Cookies

You can delete all those cookies that are stored on the hard drive of your computer. To delete cookies within Internet Explorer and Firefox, click the Tools option, then internet options or options, afterward you can select the privacy tab to set preferences. If you will disable all the cookies, then some features of our website will not work properly or be available for you. Moreover, if you delete or disable all stored cookies on your computer, it means that you are disabling all those cookies also that are in NAI use.

The NAI protects you from receiving all unnecessary advertisements from third parties. If you don’t want this, then there is no need to delete/disable NAI cookies. You have to add NAI to the list of approved sites from whom you are accepting all cookies. Through the help of log files or weblogs, we gather all information regarding navigation history, IP address, time, date, browsing type of our website’s visitors.

All this information will use for trend analysis, internal security audit log, system administration, and demographic information for the user base. By visiting our website, you are providing consent to the use, distribution, and collection of your data. 

We Can Share Your Information with Whom

We have business relationships with third parties, so we may share information with them. In some cases, we don’t know or control their privacy policies. By visiting our website, you are providing consent about the use of your data, collection, and distribution. But, we will never share your identity or information except those who are working as agents to provide services to you.

We may disclose your personal details or information due to some legal obligation or court order. If we believe that your details are essential for any legal action or any law enforcement agency will request your data, then we will disclose your information. You should know that courts and law enforcement authorities have the right to get your personal information or share it with third parties even without your permission.

We will not share your details with groups or third-party companies except your gender or demographic information for the purpose of providing interest-based advertisements and promotions. We may use demographic information about our audience for some research, promotional/marketing purposes, or for the improvement of our services.


When you accept this privacy policy, you choose to receive some communication from third parties or from us, and you are accepting all the points of this privacy policy. You will also receive some additional opportunities of communications to select your desired one. Moreover, you can change your preferences about privacy anytime, for example, you can cease receiving any specific type of communication, by informing new preferences to us.

We will honor new preferences as soon as you inform us. We will make appropriate changes in all communications you will receive from us in the future. Please note that you can’t cease the messages which you will receive from us through SMS or other systems of instant messages. So in this case, you have to contact us through our provided contact details.


If you wish to change any personal information such as city, country, or zip code, then feel free to contact us. We will provide you a specific way to correct your data. You can make changes to your data anytime.

Collection of Data from Children

We do our best to confirm the act of COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy). We don’t collect information about the children of the US under the age of 13 without parental consent or notice. Some websites have specific settings, according to the COPPA guidelines to collect the personal information of children. Several websites have screened out minors for the collection of their data as per their community or interactive features. We are highly committed to protect the privacy of children.


Security of all personal information is very significant for us. We will secure all personal information about our site users. We have some specially designed procedures to protect all the information from misuse, loss, unauthorized disclosure or access, or destruction and alteration.


We may provide links to some websites that are not in our control. We will not own any responsibility for their privacy policies or how they will treat the personal details of their site visitors or users. It is our advice that you should read their policies about privacy.

Changes in Privacy Policy

We have all rights to modify the privacy policy at any time. We encourage our users or site visitors to review the privacy policy. The implementation of all the changes in the privacy policy will be done at the time when we post them. If you continue using our site, then it means you are accepting the privacy policy.

Contact Details

If you have queries or doubts about our privacy policy, then feel free to contact us through the below-given details: [email protected]