Terms & Conditions

This agreement of terms and conditions of services is between Backlinks builders and you regarding its services (Backlinks Builders).

1. Acceptance

  1. By visiting the website of the Backlinks Builders or any service provided from or through Backlinks builders website (the “service” collectively) you signify agreement to (1) Terms and conditions of the Backlinks Builders (2) Privacy Policy which you can find at http:// backlink builders/ privacy-policy. In case, you are not agreeing to the privacy policy and terms and conditions of Backlinks Builders services, please don’t use the services.
  2. You have to review the up-to-date description of the terms and conditions of services periodically. You can find at http:// Backlinks builders/ terms, though we may inform you when main changes take place. Backlinks Builders reserve all rights for modification and revision of these terms and conditions of services and privacy policy at any time. Nothing is supposed to confer to the third party’s benefits and rights.

2. Services

  1. Backlinks Builders provides website backlinks to their customers for the main purpose of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) (services). Backlinks Builders is authorized to use phrases/keywords, specific URLs for the sake of development and to improve the ranking of a site in search engines. Furthermore, Backlinks Builders reserves all rights to engage, accept, refuse, or otherwise, any provider service regarding any content. Moreover, all services provided on this website come without any guarantee of success. Therefore, all figures, claims, and numbers are speculations and estimates. Backlinks Builders also provide you a guarantee of link placement up to 365 days from the date of the first placement.
  2. All these terms and conditions are applied to all our services including, guest posts, link insertion, and content writing for all our users and site visitors.
  3. The service may include some links to third-party websites which are not under the control of Backlinks Builders. We are not responsible for the practices, content, privacy policies, terms, and conditions of these third-party websites. We advise you to read their terms and privacy policies to protect you from any issues. Moreover, Backlinks Builders will not or can’t censor or edit any content provided by a third party. By using our services, you relieve Backlinks Builders from any liability arising from the website by a third party.
  4. Due to all these reasons, we strongly recommend you to read the privacy policy and all terms and conditions of every website which you are visiting.

3. Accounts of Backlinks Builders

Backlinks Builders will not be responsible or liable for any loss due to unauthorized use of your content and account. A user may be liable for this unauthorized use and all resulting losses of others and Backlinks Builders.

4. General use of services – Restrictions, and Permissions

Backlinks Builders will give you permission to use and access all services as per the terms and conditions of services. So, read the following with great care:

  1. You must be more than 13 years old. It is unauthorized to use our services and registration of anyone under thirteen years old. Furthermore, it will consider the violation of the terms of services agreement.
  2. Backlinks builders don’t endorse any opinion or support in any case of directing your or third party’s backlinks on any site. Backlinks Builders will not take any legal responsibility for the misrepresentation of a customer’s website or customer.
  • Please note that the indexing of SEO links, rise, or ranking in SERPs in any condition is not guaranteed. The search engines commonly analyze more than 220 off-page or on-page factors of ranking, which backlinks builders can’t control indeed.
  1. Backlinks Builders is not responsible for all possible unknown or known negative impacts using services offered by them.
  2. The customer will solely be responsible for any loss or damage of data. You have to buy and use services at your own responsibility and risk.
  3. All reports that are provided to you are not guaranteed to be accurate or represent fully the ordered services. Backlinks Builders will surely make all reasonable commercial efforts to provide highly accurate reports. But, it is not possible always because of some factors beyond their control.
  • You must agree not to interfere with features related to security and don’t use or copy any content.
  • You may be exposed to a wide variety of content from different sources. But, in any case, Backlinks Builders is not responsible for the usefulness, accuracy, safety, or any other type of rights for that content.

5. Use of Services

  1. All applicable laws apply to your use of the services.
  2. You agree not to launch or use the automatic system such as spiders, robots, or offline readers that access the services and send more than usual requests to the backlinks builder’s server. Furthermore, You should not harvest or collect any personal information and don’t misuse the system of communication provided by Backlinks Builders. No commercial solicitation is allowed to any user related to their content.
  • Backlinks Builders have all rights reserves to discontinue any service at any time.
  1. If you are using the service on the behalf of someone else or a third party, then you are responsible to bind that party to this agreement of terms and conditions. Everyone must act according to the terms given in this agreement.
  2. Any registration, access, or use of our service by a person under the employment of Yahoo!, Google INC., and Microsoft Corporation are not allowed and will consider a violation of the terms and conditions of this agreement.

6. Some Specific Terms and Conditions for Content’ Use

The following are some specific conditions and restrictions for the use of the Content:

  1. Backlink Builders licensed or owned all the trademarks, logos, and marks on the content provided on the website. The use of such marks in an unauthorized way is prohibited or subject to copyright
  2. They provide content AS IS form. You can access the content for personal collection of information or use it according to the provided terms and conditions of service. You should not download a file or content until a download link will be provided to you by the Backlinks builders. The copy, broadcast, reproduction, distribution, or selling of content for any purpose without taking Backlinks Builders consent is prohibited. Backlinks Builders reserves all rights.

7. Your Conduct and Content

  1. You are completely responsible for the representation, and quality of the content published by you.
  2. Moreover, you own all the rights of your content. However, when you submit your content to Backlinks Builders, then you grant Backlinks Builders, a royalty-free, non-exclusive, worldwide, transferable license to reproduce, use, prepare, distribute, display the content in connection to Backlinks Builders and service.
  • In addition to this, your content will not include copied material of any third party that can arise copyright issues. Unless you have legal permission to the addition of such material to your content.
  1. Furthermore, you must agree that you will never submit any material or content that is against the community guidelines of the Backlinks Builders. You should check from time to time the community guidelines at

http:/ Backlinks Builders/ community- guidelines/. You should also consider local, international, and national regulations and laws.

  1. Backlinks Builders will not allow any copyright infringing activity, it will remove such content that violates the rights of someone’s else intellectual property in accordance to the Digital Millennium Copyright. Backlinks Builders have the right to remove any content without any former notice.

8. Policy for Account Termination

Backlinks Builders have all rights to decide that your content is violating the terms and conditions of services because of any reason other than copyright issues. These reasons may include obscenity, pornography, violence, hate speech, pornography, or unnecessary length. Backlinks Builders will remove such content anytime without any notice. There is a chance of account termination because of violating these terms and conditions.

9. Warranty Disclaimer

You agree that you will use the services at your own risk. Backlinks Builders will make no representations, warranties about the completeness and accuracy of the content or service of any linked sites. In addition to this, Backlinks Builders will not take responsibility or any liability for (i) Mistakes, errors, or inaccuracy of the content, (ii) Property damage or personal injury or any other damage occur due to the use of our service, (iii) Unauthorized use of our server or any financial or personal information stored here, (iv) Any damage and loss occur due to the use of emailed, transmitted or posted content. Backlinks Builders is also not responsible for any service or advertised products by a third party. Moreover, it will not take responsibility for any services or products hyperlinked in any content. Moreover, it is also not responsible for any transaction between you and the third party. You will purchase or use any medium or deal with a third party at your own risk.

10.Offensive and Illegal

Backlinks Builders will not be liable for any offensive and illegal conduct of the third party.


You agree to indemnify or defend harmless Backlinks Builders, its owners or employees from all obligations, claims, liabilities, losses, debt or costs, and expenses that arise due to (i) your access to the service, (ii) your violations of terms and conditions, (iii) your violation of third party rights, (iv) claim of the damage caused by your content to the third party.


Cancellation of the ordered content is refundable. But, some amount will be deducted from the total amount as a charge.